5 Easy Steps to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions This Year

2018 is here and with it (as every new year) brings new sets of goals and objectives to accomplish. It is very easy to make a long list of things that we want to change, add, or achieve in the upcoming months, but sticking to them can be at times quite challenging. Being unrealistic and setting too many resolutions in too many areas of your life can be more detrimental than beneficial.

Transitioning from Outdoor Play to The Gym

November rolls around and the cold starts nipping at your toes. The habitual morning run becomes a little more challenging and eventually even unbearable (or dangerous) for some of us. As much as you run and as fast as you run, you just can’t run from the minus gazillion degrees that are just around the corner. It happens every year.

Make a plan to slowly transition your outside workout to the gym.

How to Avoid the Halloween Candy Cravings

Who doesn’t love Halloween! Getting creatively dressed up and going out with the kids trick-or-treating or going out to parties is lots of fun. For those of us with a sweet tooth, this may be quite a challenging time of the year to juggle the cravings and our health goals.

Candy, sorry to say, basically contains no good nutrients at all. It’s made up of mostly processed sugar, artificial coloring, gelatin, and many other ingredients that bring no nutritional value to our diet and is also known to be a major tooth decay food item.

Balance, Yes We Can Have It All

Balance, that word that evades so many aspects of our lives and yet is so very important. We all want a healthy fit body, a happy life, and lots of success in work or at school. We sometimes overdo it in one part and then automatically another one feels the loss. We can’t hit the gym everyday and pump long hours while neglecting our other duties or needs. We can’t hit the buffet really hard or party hardy and expect to see fast results at the gym either. At Pinnacle Fitness we are all about balance.

Featured Article - Community Spirit And Personalized Training at Pinnacle Training and Fitness

According to David Heath, manager at Pinnacle Training and Fitness, the gym is the community fitness center in Narberth, PA. There's much more to it than exercise equipment, and that's the intangible but real spirit supporting a whole range of fitness goals.

Members include professionals, trainers and athletes, full-time parents, retired grandparents and kids. The tagline 'Train Better, Together' describes the goals and atmosphere of the gym, which is described as being both boutique and local.

Trendy Workouts for Busy People

So you are finally hitting the gym regularly or plan to do so very soon? There are a lot of options for you to consider when choosing a good workout routine. Working with a trainer will definitely help you to focus on what is important for you and your lifestyle. At Pinnacle Training and Fitness in Narberth, PA we care about making your workouts fun and personalized to your specific needs. We are always on the lookout for new and fun ways to keep you inspired and motivated.